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Old Song Lyrics and the Heartbreak of Divorce

Those in struggling relationships may simply need to change their tunes!

Baby Boomer Generation Beware - Relationship Woes Revealed

By Louise Anne

Are you a divorced boomer and can't hold a relationship? Having trouble getting asked out for a second date? Beware! It might be your music that is holding you back. The last age group of the Baby Boomer Generation, I have replaced my LP's and 45's with newer technology, but I have not replaced the music. I grew up in Windsor across from Detroit and I bet you can guess the music that still gets me moving. My morning exercise routine is given a lift by the upbeat music of my youth as I thoughtlessly sing- a-long to the tunes and workout. Recently, I have been listening more closely to the words and I am curious, could the words be the cause of Baby Boomer relationship woes?

In the Game of Life and How to Play It, the late Florence Scovel-Shinn writes that music impresses the sub-conscious mind as well as releases the imagination. This makes sense because when you hear a song that you love, you can't get it out of your head. You might not know where you left your keys but you can remember the words to this song. If that song reminds you of a past event, good or bad, you will feel the same sensations and emotions. Advertisers know this. In an effort to target the lucrative Baby Boomer Generation and keep them from channel surfing, they are using songs from the 60's and 70's to illicit those same feel-good emotions. Why switch the channel if you can hear a classic tune!

So if the music and words are embedded in your mind, what words are in your favorite music? Are you repeatedly hearing that you can't get someone, can't keep someone, you're a victim of love, and you are not satisfied? When a date goes wrong, do you find yourself listening to sad songs? When a love relationship has betrayed you, does a bold revengeful tune grab your attention? How is the music you are listening to playing itself out in the soundtrack of your life? Do you continue to replay the same scenarios?

If your love life is not where you want it to be, try listening to different music. Expand your repertoire of music, keep it positive and if certain types of music bring you down, toss them from your collection. Be inspired by the motivational songs of your youth. Smokey Robinson has the best dating advice when he sings, "Don't try to get yourself a bargain; don't be sold on the very first one and try to find one that will give you true better shop around". Sounds good to me!

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