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Are you of a certain age, know a thing or two, have opinions to share and love to write?

Consider writing for BoomerTimes! Be a part of the premier online destination for news, information, trends, resources and discussion for baby boomers by joining fellow contributing writers and submitting articles to BoomerTimes. When your article, story or blog is published you will be given full credit, along with the love, admiration and respect of baby boomers everywhere!

Oh, and don't forget those pictures or videos - those are worth a thousand words!

Ways to contribute:

  • If you are an authority on any topic related to the baby boomer generation, your contributions will be given priority - we love experts!
  • As a registered member you can add your comments to stories, articles and other items posted on BoomerTimes.
  • Letters to the Editor - opinions expressed may be your own and not shared by everyone, but maybe they should be!
  • Submit original stories or articles to BoomerTimes - all styles are welcome and most topics accepted. We respond to every request, so contact us with your idea today!
  • Start your own BoomerTimes Blog! It's free, easy and a great way to get started with blogging. Again, contact us with your idea and we'll help you get started.

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