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Boomers have value to offer workplaces

March 6, 2010 by jkunik

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'Corporate curse'

As one of the marginalized underclass of citizens over a certain age who are having difficulty finding employment, I applaud Sheryl McCarthy's commentary, "Too young to retire." I am only in month five of my quest for employment and have run headlong into the baby boomer corporate curse

While dedication and loyalty are expected of employees, those qualities disappear from the boardroom when the magic words "bottom line" are uttered. Just as sad as corporate indifference are the looks we "older workers" receive when arriving for the rare job interviews we get. Not to mention the occasional stammers from well-meaning inexperienced interviewers who actually utter, then try to retract, references to our age. But consider:

  • Because baby boomers remain a large portion of the consuming public, corporations would be better served by retaining boomers for their knowledge and understanding of this large, well-to-do market segment. The younger market can still be exploited at full speed without missing a beat. Besides, many of those younger targets are partially supported by boomer bucks!
  • What better way to buy time for our Social Security system to stabilize itself than by allowing baby boomers to continue working and contributing, rather than forcing them to withdraw dollars from the system earlier than they intend.

I'm lucky, though. My lovely wife works extra hours to qualify for health insurance, and I pick up extra money moonlighting as a stand-up comic.

We baby boomers don't go down easy!

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