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Boomers As Elders

January 13, 2011 by walkingbear

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Sometimes in life we meet someone who changes our worldview..Jack Brightnose was one of those people.

A Cree Medicine man who was taken from his loving family at an early age and consigned to an "Indian School" where his hair was cut and where he was stripped naked before the other students for speaking his own savage language... Brightnose survived his "education" and after a long battle with alcoholism he spent the last 25 years of his life sober and reaching out to anyone in need. A truly giving man and an Elder.

Brightnose taught me much including that "Words are magic. That the very idea that by making sound we can paint pictures in the minds of others is magical. That we get to choose whether we practice white (love) or black (fear) magic."

Brightnose also told me that whenever we see an eagle or hawk circling they are messengers bringing us a message from someone who has passed on.
Shortly after his death in 2001 my wife and I had taken our dogs out to the mountains west of town to day camp and a red tail hawk started circling overhead. I told her what Brightnose had said and she asked if I thought that he was sending me a message?
Yes, and the message is always the same, "Life is a gift from Creator and to be truly appreiciated it must be shared with others. Creator also gave us free will so that we can choose the road we walk in life. We can choose the Red Road which is based on love (giving of oneself) or we can choose the Black Road which is based on fear (focus on self)."

Close to 8,000 American turn 65 every day, the boomers, but where are the Elders" Where are those that are charged with sharing the wisdom they have acquired with the younger generations? Where are those who are suppose to stand for those yet to come?
Mitakuye Oyasin, (we are all related)

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