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News, Information, Trends and Resources for Baby Boomers and the Age of Aquarius
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About BoomerTimes

Often overlooked among the plethora of statistics attributed to the baby boomers is their obsession for the printed word. Consistent with their place in the "Information Age", baby boomers are voracious readers, particularly of books and newspapers, with almost two-thirds of those ages 55+ still reading a daily newspaper almost every day. But it is unavoidable and inevitable that news and timely information will be predominately found on laptops, smart phones, netbooks, the Kindle ebook reader, Apple's iPad and platforms yet to be invented.

BoomerTimes™ is the premier online destination, not just for the generation first called "Baby Boomers" but for their parents, children and anyone who cares about them. The first and best location on the web for news, information, trends, resources and discussion affecting the lives and the world surrounding the "Age of Aquarius", the "Sandwich Generation", "Generation Jones", the "Me Generation", or any other crazy moniker marketing executives use to label the largest demographic in history.

Like the daily newspaper, BoomerTimes™ brings the articles, stories, topics and features that feed that appetite, and more. Here you will find a comprehensive directory of resources needed most and the opportunity to express your own views and opinions with comments and blogging. And just like the coupons in those daily newspapers, BoomerTimes™ will feature special offers and discounts for subscribers, requiring no scissors or printer's ink on the fingers.

BoomerTimes Logo logo was created with the Parkinson Bold Italic Font, a display family originally designed during the mid-seventies by Jim Parkinson for Roger Black at a growing Rock & Roll magazine. Jim sees it as 'a combination between the original logo by San Francisco poster artist Rick Griffin & ATF Jenson', remembering it fondly as "a sort of Nicholas Jenson on acid". Growing success of the series followed the rise of the magazine, with widths and weights being added year after year.

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